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Breathable White Waist Trainer

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Our waist body shaper is made of smooth, breathable and elastic fabric, which has strong compression and makes your body shape and posture better.

Why you'll love it!
• High waist trainer with 3 rows of hooks. Powerful shaping effect: The waist cincher has 9 steel bones, strong plasticity, flexible and durable,which evenly applies pressure to tighten the fat in the waist, the long-lasting compression force creates a slim figure and an ideal hourglass shape. The steel boned corset helps you lift your chest and improve your posture so that you have a confident and elegant image.
• Comfortable material:100% natural latex outer layer;Breathe deeply, ventilate, drain dampness, turbidity and perspiration, deeply refreshing. Inner layer Skin-friendly pure cotton, high-quality cotton lining, comfortable and close-fitting, healthy body shaping.
• Helps shape the core, tighten the abdomen, correct the anterior pelvic tilt, improve postpartum abdominal relaxation, fitness training, and worship hunchback.
• His benefits:① The use of a belt during exercise can protect the waist, stabilize the spine, and reduce accidents such as sprains. ② The waist belt can fix the waist, which is conducive to the recovery of waist injury. Can improve the relaxation of the abdominal skin and promote uterine contraction to discharge lochia. ③ lose weight and lose weight. The waist belt can promote the decomposition of abdominal fat to a certain extent, and has a certain weight loss effect.
• Suitable for daily life: Our body shaper with seamless smooth fabric can be hidden under clothes and suitable for any occasions you want to look slimmer. It is the best partner for slimming, waist training, running, fitness, yoga, party, work, etc. And corsette also helps you get faster recovery after pregnancy.